1. Cinzia

    Belarus Free Theatre

    Anyone interested in this?   Ministry of Counterculture: platform for arts and social change Belarus Free Theatre (Moscow, RU) As part of the 10th anniversary season, Belarus Free Theatre has launched a brand new global online platform for arts and social change: THE MINISTRY OF COUNTERCULTURE Currently reporting in both English and... 1
  2. Panni

    Borders – art in prison

    The project Borders was born from the desire of Lieux Fictifs to create a dialogue between the prison and society, prisoners and free citizens, inside and outside. In a society increasingly divided up and individualistic, it is necessary to examine the boundaries that separate and divide subjects,: social, geographical, cultural,... Comment
  3. Panni

    Common places – site specific performance

    „Common places“ Site-specific performance of the „Day and Night in the 7th“ Company in the old Jewish neighbourhood of Budapest The project was initiated by four activists of Marom Budapest Association who previously have launched many formal and informal programs in the “Jewish District” of Budapest (officially: Inner Elizabeth Town)... Comment
  4. Claude

    Groupe Signes : Une aussi longue étreinte avec le théâtre

                    Cet ouvrage présente le Groupe Signes, compagnie de théâtre fondée à Lyon par Claude Chalaguier dans les années 1980. Par sa détermination et son professionnalisme, le Groupe Signes se singularise depuis l’origine, en faisant place à des artistes en situation de handicap, et d’autres dont... 1
  5. Claude

    Groupe Signes : Sourire vide en temps de guerre

            Un film d’Eric FERRIER D’après un spectacle écrit et mis en scène par Claude Chalaguier Musique originale de Serge Folie production : Groupe Signes Le Groupe Signes, compagnie de théâtre fondée à Lyon par Claude Chalaguier dans les années 1980, se singularise depuis l’origine, par une démarche créative qui fait... Comment
  6. Andrew

    Grey Matters


    The Grey Matters project has been created to continue the spirit of the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity and seeks to find ways to improve education, community engagement and well-being for older people, by examining ways of re-engaging older people in community life through involvement in informal learning through participatory theatre and arts.

    In particular the project will address:

    • A widening gulf of misunderstanding between different generations
    • The lack of opportunities for interaction, joint learning opportunities for different generations
    • The lack of confidence which is a barrier to learning for older people, older people feeling they are too old to learn, and have nothing to give to community