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    Zane Posted an update in Art and cross-cultural dialogue 3 years ago

    Warm greetings from stormy north of Iceland!
    We got small immigrant community here in Akureyri – 2nd biggest town in Iceland– 460 people, 56 nations out of 18000 inhabitants in total.
    The whole story of immigration to Iceland is relatively new, nothing compared to other Nordic countries. I try to involve local artists here to make the whole adaption process more joyful and exciting, like learning Icelandic via drama and put ´the story of arrival ´ in words, sounds and pictures since I myself am an immigrant here.
    Currently I am looking for partners to apply for Erasmus+ in March 2015 with project related to immigrants and their successful adaption story told via ´art form´- digital storytelling, drama…
    Anyone got interest to join to make a project?
    bless, Zane

    • Teresa 2 years, 11 months ago

      Hi and warm greetings from London!
      Your project sounds interesting and there can be certainly a lot of fun as well…
      We have so many immigrants in London and they contribute with their cultures to make this town what it is… It wouldn’t be London without them. It is also true that there are many challenges to get the right welcome and integration. For instance, in primary schools, the most of the children – in the most of the London boroughs – are ESL children, that is they speak English as a second language, and the teachers have to address their school lessons to children who have so many different cultural background, which is fantastic and extremely enriching… and also challenging…
      Let’s keep in touch!

    • Lukasz 2 years, 11 months ago

      Dear Zane,
      And another warm greetings – this time from Poland!
      The project idea you presented here is very interesting! I’d like to prepare a project with you.

    • Cinzia 2 years, 11 months ago

      Dear Zane,

      welcome to ARTES Community from Collodi, Italy and a special welcome from Pinocchio.

      Let’s be in touch