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    This learning path aims to present a way of collaborative learning photography and preparing photography exhibitions, but in our opinion this scenario can be used also for other artistic or creative workshops.

    Collaborative learning in this case means learning with a group of people, where all group members are at the same time…[Read more]

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    Grundtvig Partnership Project, 2013-2015

    Educational systems in Europe are currently faced with the need to be adapted to significant socio-demographic and economical changes: ageing populations and increased migrant mobility. Therefore, an evergrowing challenge is how to build more sustainable models of education to increase key…[Read more]

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    Całkowicie popieram postulat zwiększenia roli sztuki w edukacji szkolnej. Wolność, kreatywność, emocje zaangażowane w proces uczenia się – wszystko nie do przecenienia. Niestety ostatnie trendy w reformowaniu koncepcji nauczania zdają się podążać w przeciwnym kierunku. Wprawdzie wiele mówimy o innowacyjnych metodach nauczania, aktywizacji uczniów…[Read more]

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    Well, now I see, what I didn’t understand from this trailer 😉
    70′ sounds much better, although it still must be a challenge.

    Looking for the full version I found only websites with paid streaming so far. For sure, I will try again when find more time for that. Thank you!

    Thanks also for organisations’ recommendations! Let’s see what we can do…[Read more]

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    Exactly, life stories of migrants are going to be the essence of the project. They can tell about the reasons of moving, about their “new life”, hopes, fears…
    And of course new ICT and digital skills as a way of personal development is strong argument for the project.

    We like it very much and decided to join it.

    As far as I know, Zane is…[Read more]

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    Lukasz Posted a new activity comment 2 years, 11 months ago

    Dear Zane,
    And another warm greetings – this time from Poland!
    The project idea you presented here is very interesting! I’d like to prepare a project with you.

    In reply to - Zane posted an update in the group Art and cross-cultural dialogue Warm greetings from stormy north of Iceland! We got small immigrant community here in Akureyri – 2nd biggest town in Iceland– 460 people, 56 […] · View
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    Lukasz Posted a new activity comment 2 years, 11 months ago

    Thank you Krzysztof! Great to hear all of this!
    And you are right – the fact that we developed during this process is, I think, the most important matter. Thank you also for that!

    In reply to - Krzysztof posted an update in the group Digital Art Dear Łukasz, I’ve seen your ready photos on on the walls. They’ve made very good impression on me, both from the artistic and technical point of view. I think […] · View
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    As Aleksander said:

    “The following points usually typify participatory arts projects:
    – their creative practice is a response to the issues of the participant group
    – the work is personalised to maximise the benefit to the individual
    – they are led by artists with an understanding of the issues faced by the participants
    – they are undertaken in…[Read more]

    • Teresa 2 years, 11 months ago

      Yes, I do agree…
      Could we also say that the art making (any kind of art) in a participatory arts project should be so contagious that all participants – artists and not artists -will be able to share some artistic expression and overcome the barriers that our culture has by limiting the realization of artistic products/actions only to those who…[Read more]

      • Jim 2 years, 8 months ago

        There is an emphasis which I dont like that participatory arts is artist led. ALa is not and hopefully never will be. The membership run ALa and recruit artists to run projects they decide to do.
        I am not saying that there are not great examples of artist run projects but many of these are based on funding to run a particular project and in most…[Read more]

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    Lukasz replied to the topic Photography dilemmas 2 in the forum Digital Art 3 years ago

    Dear Krzysztof,

    thank you for your opinion and all advice.

    I fixed this photo and prepared materials for the exhibition. Hopefully, we can show it soon (send here photos with exhibition on the walls).

    Even now we can see that the result is much more better than in the first case.


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