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    Andrzej Posted an update in BIBLIODRAMA 3 years, 2 months ago

    Maria, thanks a lot for an interesting warm-up exercise. How would you end it, or stop it. Would it end after each participant had someting to say?
    Would a question such as: “can you cary with you only the essentials” be too confrontational?
    Would the content of the luggage be material, and/or immaterial -either, or. Or there is option what they carry, or want to carry?
    Sorry for so many questions?
    This execise might reveal their own inner state, and provoke many responses…Anyhow, it inspired me and allow for my imagination to go wild…;)

    • Maria-Schejbal 3 years, 2 months ago

      I am very glad that you like this exercise.

      I can imagine such a situation at the beginning of the meeting: you arrange a space for the workshop activities, putting for instance a row of chairs by the wall and inviting the group to stand in front of them. Then you can ask participants to carry their “luggage” to one chosen chair and explain what they bring in. They would do it one by one, so naturally you will end up with everyone sitting on a chair.

      And answering your other questions:
      -I myself would go for imaginary luggage, but you can let people choose and use whatever they find in the room
      -I don`t think that the question you propose is too confrontational. As we talked about it before: with bibliodrama you always have to be prepared that people might be moved and react emotionally. And this particular story is confrontational itself. It immediately provokes difficult questions: why do other people have better jobs? Why am I so tall/clumsy/shy? Am I worse than the others?
      -Two options: “what they carry” and “what they want to carry” might be succesfully use but this will be time consuming. Perhaps you would like to end the whole session with this exercise? Just repeating the same “ritual” but now starting with people sitting on the same chairs and leaving meeting space one by one with their luggage (new one?). It might happen that the course of the workshop will suggest you a suitable, new question…

    • Yael 3 years, 2 months ago

      Nice exercise Maria!
      Also, I imagine that what another person does will trigger things also for each participant watching. So give space to that too.