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    Andrzej Posted an update in BIBLIODRAMA 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi there,
    hope you’re all well.
    I want to to share with you about my first attempts to do, what I would call, some elements of bibliodrama. I was asked to do a workshop on Nasreddin Hodja in Sweden. But I only have to hours to do it. So I found this Nasreddin’s story to use:
    “Mortal’s Way
    One day four boys approached Hodja and gave him a handful of walnuts.
    “Hodja, we can’t divide these walnuts among us evenly. So would you help us, please?”

    Hodja asked, “Do you want God’s way of distribution or mortal’s way?”
    “God’s way” the children answered.
    Hodja opened the bag and gave two handfuls of walnuts to one child, one handful to the other, only two walnuts to the third child and none to the fourth.
    “What kind of distribution is this?” the children asked baffled.
    “Well, this is God’s way,” he answered. “He gives some people a lot, some people a little and nothing to others. If you had asked for mortal’s way I would have given the same amount to everybody.”

    How do you like tohe story?
    I am currently making a scenario. The workshop will take place in mid November
    If in the meantime you have some suggestions, I would be happy to hear it.

    • Maria-Schejbal 3 years, 3 months ago

      Great story! It seems just perfect for intercultural/interfaith issues you focus on in your work.
      I got an idea for a simple warm-up game which might be suitable for your workshop. It`s in fact kind of Pulse, but not a traditional circle when people just sit and talk. A more active one that shows how differently we are all “equipped” for life. See if it will suit your needs.

      Participants come successively onto the stage, playing the role of a traveler, who is carrying (and perhaps struggling with) luggage. By their behaviour, they try to show what kind of luggage it is. The leader asks them a series of questions which they answer by explaining their feelings (or their most characteristic features): What are you holding in your hands? (“A heavy suitcase”, “a small bag”, “a plastic bag”). What’s inside? (“Joy”, “A little anxiety”, “perfectionism”). Do you know how these things are packed? (“Every item is carefully wrapped in colorful paper,” “things are wrapped haphazardly in newspaper”). Do you want to unpack all of these things or some of them? (“Not really, although I feel an urge to do it,” “I’ll certainly unpack the smallest package”).