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    Jim Posted an update in ALa,Galway Ireland 3 years, 6 months ago

    Despite an 80% cut in our funding over the past few years ALâ has continued to increase our services, fully inclusive weekly theatre workshops, training people nationwide in using Forum Theatre with their groups, outreach projects in schools, community and social organizations. This is achieved through the commitment of so many people who share the vision of a just society.
    The theatre workshops which are held in Ballybane, Galway, are developing a major production celebrate ALâ’s 10 anniversary. This will be performed late November and will reenact sketches from the 20+ productions over that period and also include an example of Forum Theatre developed for the occasion. We are inviting past members and people interested in joining us to participate.
    Recently two of our officers, Jim and Marie attended a course organized by the Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre, in Goreme, Turkey. What a wonderful course it was thanks to the expertise of Maria Schejbal & Krzysztof Tusiewicz. My main interest is how to use puppets as an interactive tool for social development and I will appreciate any comments. A video of the course is available at Our attendance was funded by Léargas which manages European, national and international exchange and cooperation programs in education, training and youth and community work. ALâ thank them.
    ALâ have been performing two Forum Theatre presentations nationwide over the past few months. ‘The Other Side of the Mirror’. The cast consisted of 3 Asylum Seekers and 4 local residents funded by the Galway One World Centre. The Other Side of the Mirror is a short story about Brian, a young Irish lad from Galway who can’t get a job three years after graduating. Based on friends’ advice, he decides to emigrate to Katan in Africa after securing an enviable position in a company. Brian soon realizes on arrival that the images and messages about his beloved country are shamefully embarrassing and he sets out to change this perspective. It attempted to show Irish people what it is like for non-Irish nationals, particularly Africans, living in Ireland and what is said about their countries. This has already been performed in Galway and another performances will take place on the 18th July in Galway.
    ‘Divide and Conquer’ is continuing its national tour. The Forum Theatre presentation is about how a community can be divided by vested interests around an issue. It can be any issue but the one we use as an example is Fracking.
    it was performed recently as part of the Advocacy Initiative and Claiming Our Future event which looked at the use of art as campaign awareness tools. The next two performances will be at the Claremorris Free Festival on the 22 June and again in the Galway Fringe Festival on 19th July.
    Two 10 week Forum Theatre school’s projects in Galway Community College and Calasanctius College Oranmore on the theme of Third World Aid. These two outreach projects, which were among many ALâ has run over the past few years, produced excellent performances. We already have inquiries from other schools in the county.
    The ALâ AGM will take place in the Ballybane Sports and Social CoOp on Wednesday 18th June. The organization is going through some management structural changes so this is a very important event and we will appreciate the attendance of all past and present project participants.
    If you have read down to this we thank you and hope you found it informative