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    Jim Posted an update in ALa,Galway Ireland 1 year, 10 months ago

    Maria Schejbal of Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre visited ALa in Galway for three days from Thursday 11th Feb. In that time Maria attended one of our weekly TO Forum Theatre facilitation skills training workshops. During the evening we devised two Forum presentations. Maria had not participated in such a workshop before and was outstanding. We also had a number of discussions, continuing our exploration of how puppets could be used in Forum Theatre. For those with some experience of both art forms we will appreciate your ideas
    Last night, thanks to Aine Loftus who got tickets despite them being sold out on Ticketmaster, we attended a great Christy Moore concert in Ennis. We look forward to getting together again in April.

    • Maria-Schejbal 1 year, 10 months ago

      It was indeed a great pleasure to visit ALa again and to take part in the Forum Theatre workshop. It happened so, that I had a chance to perform a stranger – a Polish expert in social work sent over to train Irish people in their own local community. Obviously, such an intruder could not get a warm welcome in our TO piece. It was quite an experience for me to face the angry reactions by the rest of the actors. Afterwards, we had a very interesting discussion about the most urgent issues like migration and current situation in Europe.

      Thank you very much Jim and Marie and all the others in ALa for this unique adventure!

      Let`s hope that we will find allies in search for exploring possibilities to link TO Forum Theatre and puppetry art.