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    In a new Erasmus+ project (website to be fully operational soon) we’re exploring the concept and practice of participatory arts. The following points usually typify participatory arts projects:
    – their creative practice is a response to the issues of the participant group
    – the work is personalised to maximise the benefit to the individual
    – they are led by artists with an understanding of the issues faced by the participants
    – they are undertaken in partnership with non-arts workers and/or organisations
    – the work takes place over a timescale appropriate to the capabilities of the participants

    Does this “definition” fit your understanding of participatory art or perhaps you see it differently?

    Could you possibly share with us links to good practice examples in this field? Lifelong Learning Programme must have included many projects which could provide baseline for our work. We thus see this group as a link between LLP and new Erasmus+ initiatives.

    All contributions welcome!


    • Jim 2 years, 11 months ago

      Aleksander good to hear from you. We are looking forward to hearing news of the Pula Festiva.

      ALa Participatory Theatre, Galway, are particularly interested Pedagogy theatre such as Forum Theatre, But we are also interested in exploring other Pedagogy arts practices. We recently had the great pleasure of having Maria Schejbal and Krzysztof Tusiewicz over in Galway and learnt a lot from them about using Puppets for social awareness. The question is how can we combine other Pedagogy performance methods within ALa’s work. And how can other groups use Forum Theatre within theirs?