Health and Fitness tips every woman should follow

Women have challenging roles, biologically as well as socially. The physical and mental labor of women, while often unaccounted for in casually sexist setups of the economy- such as the GDP- fail to find their well-deserved place.

Women multitask like maniacs working at home and their jobs, managing immaculately well both the domestic spaces and the professional fronts. They juggle through the polyphonous characters with ease and set a precedent in all departments alike.

While they bash the patriarchy and change the world, it is crucial for women to understand how these draining tasks affect their mind and body in order to deal effectively with the stress- both mental and physical.

To ensure that women take due care of their minds, bodies, and souls, here is a list of health and fitness tips; compiled with both ease and effectiveness in mind.

  1. A flexible plan to start with

It is unimaginable to have a strict and pointy diet plan and not feel squashed through the day while craving the guilty pleasures that comes with a caramel latte with a dollop of Nutella.

While most will go on about the importance of adhering to this stringent diet for one’s sake, it is also crucial to understand that following it at all times is not only depressing but also extremely difficult when the shelves are only stacked with unhealthy snacks.

A diet requires meal preparation and planning ahead, and sometimes that just is not possible. Therefore it is important to not beat oneself up when slipping through a diet. Rather it is important to be accommodating and having room in the diet for errors and treats.

Long-term results that last are much more important than short-term results which require extensive effort but do not last for long enough.

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