Hello Andrzej and Jarmila! Answering to your recent posts on “Role playing Bibliodrama and intercultural competence” I am placing below a short description of the bibliodrama workshop to be held during our ARTES conference in Florence in November 2014. This time I decided to choose another text (not the Buddhist one), since I myself am very much interested in exploring biblical parables from the New Testament. Thanks to my experience with Bibliodrama and intercultural/interfaith education I discovered how rich and multidimensional they are. But I am also interested in any other religious and sacred texts suitable for Bibliodrama exploration. So, let`s share ideas about such texts using our ARTES Bibliodrama group!

Parables – working with stories and cultural and religious diversity
Workshop by Maria Schejbal (The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre)
ARTES CONFERENCE – Florence, Italy, Saturday 15.11.2014 (10.00 – 11.30)

Description of the workshop
The workshop will be led with the use of role playing techniques tested during an LLP project: BASICS – Bibliodrama as a way of Intercultural Learning for Adults (Grundtvig Multilateral) http://bibliodramatic.net/
The main aim of the session is to introduce the group to selected methods of fostering intercultural dialogue through analyzing religious texts. The participants will be asked to familiarize themselves with the example of a bibliodramatic scenario presented at the ARTES platform prior to the workshop.

Warm-up games focused on exploring the main subject of the workshop.
Bibliodramatic action: CHRISTIAN PARABLE ON STAGE
Different ways of reading the text. Group games. Role reversal.
Method reflection: WHAT DID WE LEARN?
Mapping exercise. Working in sub-groups. Reflection circle.
Evaluation questionnaires