1. Teresa

    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning

    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning KA2 Multilateral project  (2013-2015) Today is the video age, with many possibilities for integrating into learning. This is particularly relevant to language learning that is a multisensory process and video media has the potential to foster the communicative learning... 7
  2. Juan

    RIGHT – promoting global citizenship education through digital storytelling

    The thing that I like the most about the RIGHTS project is that it seeks to implement an innovative and very pedagogic methodology. I believe that this is a very good approach that can easily help to promote the Education for Global Citizenship. Through the use of digital storytelling approach (DST) - I never heard about something like this either- they expect to enhance interactive teaching and learning across secondary schools in Europe. Let's face it, massive open on-line course and social media (like this one) are among the things we should start getting used to... 1
  3. Juan

    IMAGES & IDENTITY – Improving Citizenship through Digital Art

    This almost futurist project links the disciplines of Art and Citizenship education using digital technology as a means of expression and communication. Beware: if you want to contact the coordinator you should do it only by e-mail -it is an on-line University. They believe that it is through the exploration of ways in which discussion and production of visual images can contribute to Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC). Go to the link of the project website: there are plenty of ressouces for teachers such as guidelines, case studies and lessons! 1