1. Maria Helena

    Project RefugeesIN – Cinema for Refugees Social Inclusion

                Adult learning opportunities for social inclusion by critical analysis of European cinema and documentary film making on inspiring refugees’ life stories  What is RefugeesIN? RefugeesIN is a European Project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, coordinated by AidLearn, Portugal and partnered by: Hamburger Volkshochschule, Hamburg, Germany... Comment
  2. Lukasz

    Cine-Train: Film-Making for Educators

    Cine-Train is an international audiovisual workshop programme for educators working in all fields of adult education. Professionals in adult education are taught to produce videos and learn how to use cinema and audiovisual in their educational work. The idea is for them to later pass these skills on to their students. Comment
  3. admin

    Against Exclusion

    This project "Against Exclusion" brought together people who worked closely to activate socially and culturally excluded groups; the project worked with Teachers/Trainers and disadvantaged Adult Learners and provide a real platform to engage these adult learners through various forms of art, drama, film, photography, theatre, drawing, music, dance and crafts. 1
  4. Claude

    Sourire vide en temps de guerre

    Un film d’Eric FERRIER D’après un spectacle écrit et mis en scène par Claude Chalaguier Musique originale de Serge Folie production : Groupe Signes Sourire vide en temps de guerre n’est pas un hommage à la guerre, ni à ceux qui la font. Il n’y a pas de sang dans ce... 3
  5. Teresa

    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning

    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning KA2 Multilateral project  (2013-2015) Today is the video age, with many possibilities for integrating into learning. This is particularly relevant to language learning that is a multisensory process and video media has the potential to foster the communicative learning... 7
  6. Maria Helena

    CINAGE Project

    European Cinema for Active Ageing /CINAGE Project number: 538672-LLP-1-2013-1-PT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP CINAGE – a Grundtvig multilateral project, supported by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme – is composed of interlinked activities aimed at producing, testing and validating a cinema-based course for older learners, encouraging and supporting a positive and productive ageing living. CINAGE offers exciting later life... Comment
  7. Lukasz


    The project involved young parents and seniors from socially disadvantaged contexts in study circles on European films, animation, photography and IT courses. The learners increased their intercultural awareness discussing documentaries and culture films of each European country. They developed their IT skills and creativity in creating stop motion animation stories based on family events or cultural history and depicted in photo albums or short video films to emphasize the intergenerational ties and heritage. 2
  8. Juan

    RIGHT – promoting global citizenship education through digital storytelling

    The thing that I like the most about the RIGHTS project is that it seeks to implement an innovative and very pedagogic methodology. I believe that this is a very good approach that can easily help to promote the Education for Global Citizenship. Through the use of digital storytelling approach (DST) - I never heard about something like this either- they expect to enhance interactive teaching and learning across secondary schools in Europe. Let's face it, massive open on-line course and social media (like this one) are among the things we should start getting used to... 1
  9. Juan

    Creative Drive

    The aim of Creative Drive is to unite different sectors, institutions and projects of the creative industry within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. I was not familiarizd with this kind of initiatives and I think they are awsome. Creatives dirves are linked with entrepreneurs, also across borders, in order to use the common potential in a much better way. Take a look to the videos in the project web site! Comment