1. Virag

    looking for (arts based) research partners

    Dear community members, we are looking for partners from Poland or Czech Republic to make together an arts based research. Our Arts Based Research (ABR) group is working in ELTE (University in Budapest), on the faculty of special education. We try to organize an international research on the field of art... Comment
  2. Panni

    Common places – site specific performance

    „Common places“ Site-specific performance of the „Day and Night in the 7th“ Company in the old Jewish neighbourhood of Budapest The project was initiated by four activists of Marom Budapest Association who previously have launched many formal and informal programs in the “Jewish District” of Budapest (officially: Inner Elizabeth Town)... Comment
  3. admin

    Against Exclusion

    This project "Against Exclusion" brought together people who worked closely to activate socially and culturally excluded groups; the project worked with Teachers/Trainers and disadvantaged Adult Learners and provide a real platform to engage these adult learners through various forms of art, drama, film, photography, theatre, drawing, music, dance and crafts. 1
  4. Cinzia

    P.IN.O.K.I.O.- Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social inclusion

    The project “P.IN.O.K.I.O. - aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and creativity against social exclusion using literature and children’s stories from different cultures as well as web 2.0 tools in order to create a methodology for teachers of nursery schools or primary schools to improve intercultural dialogue among children and their families through school activities. Comment
  5. Maria-Schejbal

    Social skills training – psychodramatic group games

    Psychodramatic group games offer an attractive way to achieve multiple educational and therapeutic goals. With their theatrical and playful character, they help participants to express their feelings and needs, and help them to overcome shyness, fear of the group, and personal defences. They are particularly useful in acquiring communication skills... 1
  6. Maria-Schejbal

    Role playing Bibliodrama and intercultural competence

    How can we enrich and develop traditional way of conducting an intercultural and interfaith dialogue? Bibliodrama (Biblos = book) offers a unique opportunity to search for commonalities and links between cultures and religions in the holy scriptures from various sources. TEACHING SCENARIO (a wide selection of bibliodrama/intercultural scenarios available in... 11