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    Introduction The Listening workshop is based on experiences and practices that The Mosaic And Sound (UK) performed for years in different settings of formal and non-formal education and on resources created within the “Euphony” European Union funded project (Socrates programme). The following steps are also inspired by the content of... Comment
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    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning

    VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a Basic Tool for Language Learning KA2 Multilateral project  (2013-2015) Today is the video age, with many possibilities for integrating into learning. This is particularly relevant to language learning that is a multisensory process and video media has the potential to foster the communicative learning... 7
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    Languages from the Cradle

    Lingua 1  -Socrates Programme European Union (2006-2008) Languages from the Cradle is a unique project designed for children aged 0-6 who, thanks to the project products, could listen and play with lullabies of 7 different European languages, with the help of their parents or carers. A  rich emotional and linguistic... 4
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    Music 4 Rom

    Music4Rom Music for Rom is a project that brings music at the core of a methodology and innovative education practices intended to develop language and culture learning for Roma and non Roma teenagers. Based on the intervention of both Roma and non Roma professional musicians and pedagogues, the project has... 1
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    PopuLLar – Motivating Secondary School Students to Learn Languages through Relevant Media

    PopuLLar –  Motivating Secondary School Students to Learn Languages through Relevant Media Comenius Multilateral project  (2011-2014) PopuLLar is a European Union innovative, education project designed to harness music, the primary social interest of secondary school students, into their language learning. There is a huge need to motivate secondary school students,... Comment
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    Dys-A.R.T. (Art – Rights – Technology)

    Grundtvig Learning Partnership The project aims to promote a proper understanding of dyslexia and to improve the awareness of the needs and rights of dyslexic people. This goal will be attained by using new and different tools, such as artistic and technological instruments, that are intended to have, among other... 1
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    ON.S.C.E.N.E. – Organizing New Skills for Creative Enterprises and Networks in Europe

        Leonardo da Vinci  Multilateral project   O.N. S.C.E.N.E is a two-year project aiming to promote professions related to stage design and stagecraft in four European countries: Italy, Spain, UK and Greece.   O.N. S.C.E.N.E.  considers creativity and culture as key resources for employment, career development and social inclusion.... Comment
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    Grundtvig Learning Partnership: TRANS-E-VISION 2011-2013 “TRANS-E-VISION” is a learning partnership (LP) that brings together adult education providers from DE, ES and IT. It focuses on the companionship of elderly and dying people with music as support and complement to the professional caring staff by volunteers to allow dignified ageing and... Comment