1. Lukasz

    Cine-Train: Film-Making for Educators

    Cine-Train is an international audiovisual workshop programme for educators working in all fields of adult education. Professionals in adult education are taught to produce videos and learn how to use cinema and audiovisual in their educational work. The idea is for them to later pass these skills on to their students. Comment
  2. Lukasz

    My Story

    The main focus of the project is to increase adult literacy, foreign language skills and ICT competencies through the use of storytelling techniques and digital story making with an active involvement of learners steering this work and taking ownership for personal progression. Comment
  3. Lukasz


    The project involved young parents and seniors from socially disadvantaged contexts in study circles on European films, animation, photography and IT courses. The learners increased their intercultural awareness discussing documentaries and culture films of each European country. They developed their IT skills and creativity in creating stop motion animation stories based on family events or cultural history and depicted in photo albums or short video films to emphasize the intergenerational ties and heritage. 2
  4. Lukasz

    Say Cheese!

    Project aims to create opportunities for educators, voluntary trainers working with socially, culturally, economically disadvantaged people to investigate how photography and its “emotional manipulation” might be used to help people at risk of social exclusion. This concept derives from the Art Counseling approach and from the experience of two famous photographers, Jim Goldberg and William Klein. 2
  5. Lukasz

    EMPATHY – European Modern Painting History

    The Empathy project aimed at supporting social inclusion of people who, because of old age, lack of material resources or living in rural areas have limited access to culture. In particular, the project was addressed to those living outside large cultural centres and have only basic education or little experience of travelling abroad. 2