1. Juan

    The INSART Project

    The training outlined below is a result of the project "INSART" in which a specialist in Theatre of the Oppressed (Munir Othman) and the intercultural training association (Elan Intercultural) have set themselves to adapt the methodology of artistic mediation developed by Werner Moron and Paracommand'arts the specific in their work with underprivileged youth in Paris. Comment
  2. Juan

    Le Conte au service de la maîtrise de la langue

    Les ateliers Sheherazade ont été une expérience valorisante et pour les participants et pour les animateurs socio-artistiques. Réalisé à Paris en mars 2013, le projet a permis d’améliorer sensiblement le niveau d’expression orale des migrants d’origines diverses (Coréens, Américains, Italiens, Mexicains, Colombiens, Algériens, Français, etc.) ! Ceci constitue un levier d’intégration fondamentale ! Comment
  3. Juan

    Artes Project – Sur Alter Echos

    Nous voudrions partager avec vous un article sur le rôle des stéréotypes et les préjugés dans les rencontres interculturelles publié par Alters Echos (mars 2015)  et écrit par l’équipe d’élan interculturel. Bonne lecture L’article nous a permis aussi de parler de notre plateforme ARTES. Trouvez l’intégralité de l’article dans votre... Comment
  4. Juan

    RIGHT – promoting global citizenship education through digital storytelling

    The thing that I like the most about the RIGHTS project is that it seeks to implement an innovative and very pedagogic methodology. I believe that this is a very good approach that can easily help to promote the Education for Global Citizenship. Through the use of digital storytelling approach (DST) - I never heard about something like this either- they expect to enhance interactive teaching and learning across secondary schools in Europe. Let's face it, massive open on-line course and social media (like this one) are among the things we should start getting used to... 1
  5. Juan

    IMAGES & IDENTITY – Improving Citizenship through Digital Art

    This almost futurist project links the disciplines of Art and Citizenship education using digital technology as a means of expression and communication. Beware: if you want to contact the coordinator you should do it only by e-mail -it is an on-line University. They believe that it is through the exploration of ways in which discussion and production of visual images can contribute to Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC). Go to the link of the project website: there are plenty of ressouces for teachers such as guidelines, case studies and lessons! 1
  6. Juan

    REALIZE – Transcultural Biography Work for Adult Education

    This post will allow you to realize that the "Realize" project works to join the competences of the partners in Biographic Work, transcultural learning and adult education. By this means, it proposes to design and test an interesting idea: course modules on Transcultural Biography Work (TBW). What are this T.B.W. course modules? They are like workshops to be applied in adult education fields, in several contexts and with different participants. In particular, modules are addressed to actual and future trainers who work with migrants with different needs and origins. Comment
  7. Juan


    Do you work with migrant women? Want to empower them? The main aim of FORWARD is to design and implement an innovative competence-based portfolio and pedagogical tools for the identification, recognition, validation and development of the competences of migrant women, as a way to improve their employability and social inclusion. Click in the "read more" link bellow and learn more about this great experience! 1
  8. Juan

    Social Arts Culture

    This Grundtvig program intends to confront different kinds of experiences in countries that build cultural projects with a social purpose. We have started to compare our working methods, to share ideas about professional practices and above all to analyse and evaluate impacts on audiences, professionals and regional areas. Comment
  9. Juan

    TEATRAL Project

    The aim of this project is to explore the concept of learning through the arts. They use the case of artists who work with specific target groups like in the community or in educational organisations and they also work with artists to train their apprentices. Comment
  10. Juan

    Creative Drive

    The aim of Creative Drive is to unite different sectors, institutions and projects of the creative industry within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. I was not familiarizd with this kind of initiatives and I think they are awsome. Creatives dirves are linked with entrepreneurs, also across borders, in order to use the common potential in a much better way. Take a look to the videos in the project web site! Comment
  11. Juan

    Art and Cross Cultural Dialogue

    As most of EU projects on this web, this project is based on the collaboration of four organizations from four countries representing four different contexts of educational work with art. This is the most important aspect of the project and its more interesting outcome also: together they were committed to exploring the potential of art as a dialogue, and identify the tools available for arts practitioners and educators to facilitate the engagement in the arts. Comment
  12. Juan

    ARIADNE – Art of Adaptation

    This is one of my favorite projects. I wasn't a part of it, but I've participated in one of the trainings and it was great! In order to measure the impact of art on the adaptation of new migrants, the Ariadne trainings use the findings of the pilot session interventions. You will learn about the research and consequence assessment methodologies that can be employed when working with migrants. Comment
  13. Juan

    SHEHERAZADE : 1001 Stories for Adult Learning

    Sheherazade's tale is a parable of storytelling power, that's why the project bears his name. The whole idea of this consortium was to explain how storytelling – to tell and to listen stories- can be practice as a learning technique. I was in one of the conferences organized by this consortium and I found lovely people from all over the world and it was the possibility of sharing best practices. It was a wonderful and magical experience! 1